About us
Arbuz Alchemy: Where gaming magic comes alive! We're a dynamic game dev studio based in Armenia, dedicated to crafting cool and cute mobile games
At Arbuz Alchemy, the heart and soul of the studio is a talented team of game developers, and at the helm of this creative endeavor is a remarkable duo: a husband and wife power couple.
Meet Kit and Bee, the co-founders of Arbuz Alchemy. With a shared passion for gaming and a mutual love for each other, they embarked on a joint mission to bring their dream of creating delightful mobile games to life.
Our Mission
A game development studio that brings joy and excitement to players worldwide through the creation of cool and cute mobile games. With a passionate team based in Armenia, we are committed to delivering exceptional player experiences that resonate with hearts and minds.
Our philosophy is rooted in prioritizing the player above all else. We strive to craft games that captivate and delight, focusing on simple yet engaging gameplay mechanics that stand the test of time. By avoiding overwhelming and unnecessary pay-to-win elements, we ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all.
Our Projects
Published games and games under development


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Cozy. Simulation. Offline. Management

Discover Kulits, the purrfectly delightful mobile game! Cook, bake, and garden alongside charming cat characters in a cozy 1950s kitchen. Manage your kitchen, grow fresh ingredients, and enjoy the heartwarming experience of Kulits!

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